Thank you so much for your purchase with DiamondHead Hair.  We truly appreciate your business and we want you to know that YOU are the reason we continue to strive and seek out the very best that the world has to offer in hair extension and hair care products.  DiamondHead Hair rests on the promise that we will always bring you worldwide quality and reliability when it comes to your crown.  It is our pleasure to be the shimmer that helps you shine.


When purchasing human hair extensions your investment should be based on quality and reliability.  Basically, your hair should be naturally beautiful and that beauty should last.  The “source” (which most other companies LIE about) does not determine the level of quality or reliability of the hair itself.  DiamondHead Hair purchases hair from all over the world.  We research and test our products and samples before we ever grade them and present them to you.


DiamondHead Hair owners travel the world to find the best 100% human hair quality as well as the best hair manufacturing processes.  Lets face it, the beauty industry is trendy and ever changing.  We have to move forward to keep you at the forefront.  Our hair selection comes from several origins at the same time.  All of our hair is 100% human hair.  Each GEM (no matter the application) will weigh 3.5 - 4.0 ounces.  Most of our hair is virgin hair, which means no processing, no coloring, no treatments, and no tools are used on the hair.  Period.  We also offer virgin hair that we send through a steam process to achieve a particular curl pattern, as well as virgin hair that we have colored using an exclusive European technique.  Once the virgin hair goes through a process it is no longer considered virgin and should not be sold as such.


The wonderful thing about DiamondHead Hair is that we can offer several levels of quality hair because we buy from several different origins.  We seek the very best.  We collect the best that is out there at any given time.  All of our hair is worthy of being called a diamond.  However as with any gem, there are different levels of quality.

FL - This is a top quality 100% virgin hair that is handled with care from scalp to scalp.  It is harvested, collected, blended, cleaned, and your choice of application is applied by hand and single wefted.  All of the hair is the same length with the cuticles in tact and aligned resulting in the most natural and long lasting look. There is no tangling and little to no shedding. Like a flawless diamond, there are no blemishes.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

IF – This is a top quality hair that goes through an extensive process before it reaches the store.  It is harvested, collected, blended, and cleaned with care however its application is usually done by machine and double wefted.  Most all of the hair is the same length with the cuticles in tact and aligned resulting in a beautiful natural and long lasting look. There is no tangling and little to no shedding. Like a IF diamond, there are no blemishes to the naked eye.

VS – Our steamed hair line goes from 100% virgin hair to a gorgeous curl pattern using a delicate steam technique which allows the curl pattern to become permanent.  This hair is processed beautifully.  Like a VS diamond, the difference in the hair is visible because the steam process changes the pattern of the hair.  This isn’t anything bad however we had to give it a grade.

SI – Make no mistake, the lowest grade is STILL a diamond.  This hair grade gives you everything you want in the VVS grade but at a more economical price point.  This hair is harvested, collected, blended, and cleaned on more of a mass production level, which like a SI diamond, may not be handled as delicately as the other grades due to the machine.