What is diamond grade hair?

The wonderful thing about DiamondHead Hair is that we can offer several levels of quality hair because we buy from several different origins. We seek the very best. We collect the best that is out there at any given time. All of our hair is worthy of being called a diamond. However as with any gem, there are different levels of quality.
FL - This is a top quality 100% virgin hair that is handled with care from scalp to scalp. It is harvested, collected, blended, cleaned, and your choice of application is applied by hand and single wefted. All of the hair is the same length with the cuticles in tact and aligned resulting in the most natural and long lasting look. There is no tangling and little to no shedding. Like a flawless diamond, there are no blemishes. It doesn’t get any better than this.
IF – This is a top quality hair that goes through an extensive process before it reaches the store. It is harvested, collected, blended, and cleaned with care however its application is usually done by machine. Most all of the hair is the same length with the cuticles in tact and aligned resulting in a beautiful natural and long lasting look. There is no tangling and little to no shedding. Like a IF diamond, there are no blemishes to the naked eye.
VS – Our steamed hairline goes from 100% virgin hair to a gorgeous curl pattern using a delicate steam technique, which allows the curl pattern to become permanent. This hair is processed beautifully. Like a VS diamond, the difference in the hair is visible because the steam process changes the pattern of the hair. This isn’t anything bad however we had to give it a grade.
SI – Make no mistake, the lowest grade is STILL a diamond. This hair grade gives you everything you want in the VS grade but at a more economical price point. This hair is harvested, collected, blended, and cleaned on more of a mass production level, which like a SI diamond, may not be handled as delicately as the other grades due to the machine. This shortens the life span of the hair considerably. SI grade hair is usually in minimal quantities as it is hair that we have tested but did not meet at least an IF grade and does not have at least a one year life cycle. You will find this hair in our sample sale. We believe the hair is good…just not as great as DiamondHead FL, IF, and VS grade hair.

What is a gem?

A gem is the individual hair you purchase. For instance a wig, closure, bundle, set, or cluster of hair is considered one gem. Each gem comes in it’s own jewel box.

What types of applications can I select from DiamondHead Hair?

We offer hair in bulk, also know as loose hair. This is hair that is not contained in anyway. It is most commonly used for hair transplants, wigs, and braiding.
We offer hair on the weft, also known as a ‘track’. This is most commonly used for hair weaving. Hair weaving is where the hair is sewn to a persons own braided hair with needle and thread.
We offer clip-in hair. This is wefted hair that has small clips that look like little combs (about an inch long) sewn onto the weft so the hair can be clipped directly onto a persons hair.
We offer tape hair. This hair is sewn together in a very thin manner then placed on a strip of tape specifically designed for hair (similar to toupe or lacefront tape) so the hair can then stick directly onto the persons hair or scalp.
We offer glue tips. This hair is a small cluster of hair (about a pinch) that is held together by a special hair glue that is used to be fused (melted) to a persons existing hair. Techniques that use this hair have several names.

Is DiamindHead Hair going to match my texture?

DiamondHead Hair offers 6 different textures at all times. We have 2 straight, 2 curly, and 2 wavy patterns. Occasionally we may test out another texture that we think should be introduced to the market however we believe the 6 standard textures that we offer on a regular basis fulfill the wide range of hair textures of all ethnicities. We have clients from Sweden to Africa and we service them all.

How do I determine the length of my gem?

Each DiamondHead gem is sold by its length therefore it is imperative that we measure the hair and fulfill your order accordingly. Hair is measured from the top of the application to the ends of the hair IN ITS FULL PULL STATE. This mean no matter the pattern, the hair is measured as straight and long as it can possibly be. Obviously with wavy and curly hair there will be some shrinkage. If you order a wavy pattern it is a good idea to order at least 5 additional inches to accomplish the look you want. If you order a curly pattern it is a good idea to order about 10 additional inches to achieve the look you want.

How much hair should I expect?

Your gem will come in weight of 3.5 to 4 ounces of hair or more depending on the type of application.

How much hair will I need?

DiamondHead Hair has several applications therefore it is hard to determine how much hair anyone would need for their desired look. We suggest consulting with your stylist and determining your needs for the application process you are using as well as the look you want to achieve.

Can my DiamondHead Hair be colored?

All DiamondHead Hair is 100% human hair and can absolutely be colored. We have tested the hair to be colored over and over again. It turns out beautiful. As with ANY hair, we do advice to minimize any harsh chemical applications so as not to run the risk of losing body and creating brittle damaged hair.

How long will my DiamondHead Hair extensions last?

The longevity of your gems depend on the diamond grade you purchase as well as the care and handling of the hair. With proper care our FL grade gems are lasting TWO+ years. Our VS grade gems are lasting 1 year and counting.

What is DiamondHead Hairs processing time?

Unless otherwise noted, processing time takes 3-5 business days. We process and inspect every gem prior to it leaving the store. We make sure we are fulfilling YOUR personal order. WE HAVE OUR HAIR IN STOCK! We are not collecting money then ordering your hair. We stock our hair and service our customers.
Special orders/Custom orders such as wigs and bulk hair come with their own processing time and will be advised accordingly.
Occasionally we may have limited edition hair or hair that is out of stock due to high demand. We do accept pre orders however these orders are given a future delivery date.

What types of payment is accepted by DiamondHead Hair?

DiamondHead Hair accepts all major credit cards and/or debit cards. Our website is a secure (https) site, as well as backed and bank insured. We also accept PayPal transactions. Each transaction generates an invoice and receipt.

How is DiamondHead Hair packaged and shipped?

Each DiamondHead gem comes in its own jewel box. This box was designed specifically for DiamondHead Hair gems. Your jewel box should be kept and used as storage for when you are not using your gems.
At this time all shipments are processed via FEDEX with tracking and signature required. All orders are shipped to billing address unless another proof of address is on file.