Limited Edition & Sample Sale


(FL) Diamond Grade Hair Gems are sweeping the nation.  We are doing our very best to keep up with demand, but due to their exclusivity and craftsmanship we just can't keep these gems on the shelf or online.  Since or (FL) gems are 100% human virgin hair wefted by hand, there is no way to speed up the manufacturing process.  Currently we have a 6 week waiting list.  This time frame can increase or decrease depending on the season.  If you are looking to purchase our (FL) Diamond Grade silky straight and/or natural straight gems, pricing and details are as follows:

  • (FL) lengths start at 16 inches - 39 inches
  • (FL) Pricing is $100 more per gem than the published (IF) grade.  
  • Call to place your order 800-789-6005
  • There is a 50% deposit required for waitlist placement.
  • You will receive an email and phone call when your order has been fulfilled.
  • You are given 7 days to pay your balance.  
  • If the balance is not paid within 7 days, your deposit will be refunded and we will continue to fulfill other waitlist orders.
  • You will not be able to be placed back on the waitlist without full payment.


Have you ever been to a real sample sale?  I lived in New York City for four years and I lived for that phone call "girl 'so and so' is having a sample sale."  GOOD Sample sales are very specific.  You have to be around on the right date, have a connection to give you the specific address to an exclusive location,  be the right size, and have the right amount of cash on hand to snatch up a great deal and run.  Sample sales could be anything from runway clothing to stuff that just never made it to the store for one reason or another.  Now I live in Texas and haven't seen a size 4-6 in over 10 years. My Sample Sale days are over.  Make no mistake.  Sample sales are not used, returned, or damaged products.  We have salons requesting to purchase all of our sample sale items because they know they can move it quickly.  However, just like my cherished memory of sample sale fashion and fun, I thought it would be cool to pass that excitement on to our customers.  So check back with us from time to time and make sure you are linked to our social media pages.  I will announce a sample sale when we have a decent amount and it will be 'first come first serve'!  When it's gone it's gone!  - LATRICE TURNER

(SI) Diamond Grade Sample Sale items are items that we have tested and found to be of sound quality however their overall results did not finalize as good as the FL-VS graded hair.  Therefore ALL SAMPLE SALE ITEMS ARE (SI) QUALITY.  Some hair is ONLY recommended for the hair styles we suggest.  Some hair is as good as FL-VS quality however the donors texture may be hard to match so we are unable to sell it as part of our main line.  As you can see, there are several different scenarios in which a gem can become a sample sale item.